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A study in why everything takes longer than you think.
Rob Kreuzer - 11/06/2007

This is actually version 2 of the website.

I attempted to put something together in a day just to get the game online. The end result of that effort was a day wasted. Websites simply take more than a day to build.

I have done over 100 sites in the past 4 years and never once have I been able to build a site from scratch in a single day. I am not sure why I thought this time would be different. Well, actually I do know why I thought that because unlike the previous 100+ sites I built this one was for myself and not for a client.

My mistake was not taking into account that even though I am my own client and basically know what I want it isn't always a straight path to get there. You still need to expirement and see what works to make sure that the concepts in your head will translate to the web. This process takes time, produces mistakes, and is always more work than you think.

Now, as the one day website build has stretched into a week long build I am still finding uncountable things I would like to change or make better, but you have to draw the line somewhere.

Which brings me to the purpose of this blog. It doesn't matter who you are, or what kind of site you are going to build. The first order of business is to get it done before you start telling the world about it because in the end it will always take longer than you think.

So, before I change anything else I will ask if you have any suggestions. Please feel free to E-Mail us about it you can find the address on the contact page.