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What's Next for Tenthplay

We're not sure. More games... eventually
Jon Kreuzer - 11/27/2010

What is Tenthplay working on now?

Nothing actually, we're taking a break. We of course have a ton of ideas for when we next start on something. One of my ideas is a physics puzzle game that I actually mocked up a little test for years back. Another of our ideas is a sidescrolling shooter. We also have considered a classic-style RPG.

Personally I'm working on finishing up an iPhone game which was another free-time project. It's possible that a Flash version will be released on Tenthplay to promote the iPhone release. So there is a chance of a new game up in the next month or two.

We may also explore the release of an enhanced version of Dark Visions for the Ipad or as a download.

Will there be more adventure games?

Not immediately, but creating another similar adventure game is on our list of things to do one day.

Dark Visions took a very long time to make by free flash game standards. As described on the About Dark Visions page, we worked on it on and off in our spare time for more than 2 years. It could have been done much quicker if we worked full time, but would still have taken nearly 6 months. Maybe next time with lessons learned we could make a similar scale game in 4 months of full time work. Right now that still sounds too daunting for free time work.

At a few hours estimated length, Dark Visions is of course much longer than most flash games, since our goal was to make a good adventure game. As a bonus it happens to be playable in the browser. Even playing on our relatively clean game page didn't feel as good to me as just running and full-screening the .swf locally, but we felt a web game would reach a bigger audience.

Will there be a sequel to Dark Visions?

It seems more fun to try something completely different, so we aren't planning a Dark Visions sequel yet. Also if (when?) we start on a new free adventure game, there is a good chance it will be designed to be episodic so we can release something sooner.