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Arno the Hunter for Iphone

Beautiful shooting/action game releases May 15th
Jon Kreuzer - 05/14/2011

Arno the Hunter for Iphone

For more information about Arno the Hunter, see the game webpage. The beautiful artwork for Arno the Hunter is created by Khang Le.

In the last blog update I mentioned I was also working on finishing up an Iphone game. I was actually busier than I expected with other things, and as usual we underestimated the amount of work involved. The good news though is that it was finished a couple weeks ago and should be on the App store starting Monday May 15th. 

I hope any Iphone (or Ipod Touch or Ipad) owners will be consider getting it. If you do have an Ipad you should know we expect to release a separate HD version later.

There might be a free Flash version of Arno the Hunter that uses some of the same artwork and gameplay. It's not currently in production, but most of the hard work on the game has been done. So porting to Flash, while tedious, shouldn't be difficult or take really long. It's much easier to promote a free flash game than an Iphone game.

What are you working on next? 

Having finished this project means that I should have a little free time. One possibility is that Josh and I will make some minor tweaks and improvements to Dark Visions and release a new version. Just mainly try to make sure the interface is as clean and friendly as possible, make it less likely for someone to get stuck for the wrong reasons, and perhaps add a few extras that weren't finished first time around. After that we may finally create a video walkthrough since there seems to be interest in that.

I also want to experiment with an Ipad version of Dark Visions. Adventure games have pretty heavy art requirements, and if there is a possibility of doing well financially Josh might be able to spend the time to work on more adventure games for both free Flash versions and Ipad or other sold versions.

I think last time I checked the stats there were over 120,000 unique downloads of the Dark Visions flash file, and the user rating on many of the Flash games sites was above 4.5/5 or 90%. We are very happy there are so many people that have enjoyed it, and thanks again to those who took time to write.