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Arno the Hunter and more
Jon Kreuzer - 11/14/2011

Arno the Hunter met with mixed success. It is the first Iphone game I made, and although it took extra time to learn the ins and outs of Iphone development, the Objective-C language, and even just using a Mac, it really didn't take that long to make. So as a first project I'm pretty happy with it. 

Let's start with something good. It was downloaded over a million times! Around 1.1 million at the time of this posting. So that means going by unique download count for both, about 7 times as many people tried Arno than played Dark Visions and it was the most widely played game I've made.

On the flip side there were very few paid downloads. In fact there weren't that much more than five thousand paid downloads. So it didn't make much money. Considering Apple takes a 30% cut, we paid for a free promotion, and the money is split by 2 people, the amount made is negligible. In fact Arno is free right now if you want to try it out.

Another thing I noticed is that iphone games exist a bit of a void. Even with over 1 million downloads it didn't get much mention online, although there are some itunes reviews, website reviews, and forum posts. With much fewer players Dark Visions got thousands and thousands of posts about it, and almost 100 completely unsolicited fan mails. Part of that is probably Arno is a much smaller game, as many iphone games are, and it doesn't have a story or puzzles to discuss.

To update those hoping for more Tenthplay games, we're actually not working on anything currently. I recently realized that Dark Visions was first released over a year ago now. I still expect you will see something new eventually.