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Xantrolex Classic Conversion
Jon Kreuzer - 11/07/2007

I converted Xantrolex Classic from Actionscript 1 to Actionscript 3. It took about a full day of actual work and a lot of internet searching to see what changed. Almost everything other than the basics was different. But it was also more like the langauges I'm used to ( C++, JAVA ), and I like it much better despite the annoyance of the conversion process.

The Xantrolex code is basically about 2000 lines in the main file, with no external classes. I didn't use classes because it was my first attempt at a serious flash game so I just wanted to quickly see what code would accomplish the tasks I wanted to, plus I already didn't trust the speed of AS-1 even with simple code. AS-3 on the other hand I can see myself building some general-purpose foundation code in, both because it's better designed for it, and executes code many times faster than AS-1. ( Although since Flash lacks GPU-acceleration much of the time is probably spent in drawing the screen. )