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Xantrolex Classic FAQ

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Jon Kreuzer - 11/10/2007

Hey, I set off a bomb and still died!
The bombs are just another tactical weapon, not an instant save. They don't destroy shots, and take time to expand.

Isn't Xantrolex a prescription drug?
No. The Xantrolex is actually one of the finest space fighting vessels ever built.

I just killed something and it didn't count.
The gliding ships come in pairs, and you must kill both in the pair to get a kill. Also the asteroids don't count as kills (nope, no lifeforms on 'em.)

When exactly do you get power-ups?
You receive an extra bomb at 40 kills. Your shots are auto-upgraded at 10, 20, 30, and 40 kills. The extra shield power-up comes out at specific times, and there are 4 total.

How do combos work?
Each time a shot hits something, that's worth 1 combo point. Any kill is a 0 to 9 point bonus depending on the type of enemy. If you don't hit anything for 3/4ths of a second, or your ship gets hit, you lose your combo and have to start over.

Did the highscore list just change/get reset?
We keep track of daily/weekly/monthly/all-time scores. It's more likely you're looking at a different time period. If this isn't the case, then yes it did.

Do you have all the medals?
Yes I do.