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Dark Visions Game hits the Internet

Thanks to everyone who has linked and recommended Dark Visions.
Jon Kreuzer - 11/10/2010

Traffic has picked up considerably, and now it feels more like a real launch. We're keeping our fingers crossed that we can handle the bandwith.

I would like to thank JayIsGames for their nice review of Dark Visions. I think it gives a good (and positive) overview of the game and there is nothing in there I'd disagree with. I like the idea behind their site, to review the best games, not to rate them but rather so people can find what's new and see if it's the type of game they'd like to play.

I would also like to thank Escape Games 24 which for yesterday was the leading referer, and everyone else that linked in, and everyone that recommended the game to their friends and family.

I know the game isn't for everyone. It's a retro-style adventure game, and while it's not "hardcore" adventure it's also not a particularly casual game. So we have been very happy to see the amount of traffic and positive comments its generated.

I will try to update with more traffic information and thoughts about the Dark Visions design and creation process at a later date.