Game Solution

After Beating Dark Visions
Things you might have missed or only thought you missed.

** Warning Spoilers Ahead ** Play the Game before reading

I beat the game but am 1 or 2 points short. What did I miss?

Chances are it was something minor. For instance you get a point for looking at the blood puddle by the upstairs closet. If you put the record back on the grammophone you actually lose a point due to a programming oversight. You also might have missed reading a document. (Most optional documents are covered in the next question.)

What are the interesting things I might have missed?

  • There is a secret journal in the drawer in the attic beneath the photos of Anne Mahler.
  • You can beat the game without doing the clock puzzle and getting the floorplan + servant's note.
  • You can miss talking to the chef, actually miss the chef entirely, if you trigger the dangerous patient before you first visit the kitchen.
  • There is blood in the piano book. If you find it early enough you can talk to James about it but no extra points.
  • There is a family tree in the library on the second screen.
  • You can listen to James and Clubber fight at the vent when you are locked in the guest room.
  • There is an unsent letter in the basement cell you can read.
  • In the mixing puzzle you can read about the rat, and sucessfully test the serum on it.
  • You can look at clubber in the padded room through the viewing slot, before and after putting in the fuse that shows the light ray.
  • You can listen to the dinner guests at the dining room door multiple times until they start repeating. An additional conversation is added after the chef's body disappears from the kitchen.

How many ways are there to die?

You might want to try out these possible deaths.
  • Walk immediately back into the kitchen after meeting clubber for the first time.
  • Instead of hiding from James when he's in the reception room or library, just keep going into the room.
  • Try walk or action on Clubber twice when he's blocking the cell passage.
  • Don't crowbar the door during the ending scene. Either wait or try to go to the second library screen.
  • Either wait or walk at Clubber when he's blocking you in the library.

Can I do anything with the gold coin?

No, it's just there because it seems a shame to leave all that gold in the safe right? (I just checked and getting the coin does give you 2 points though. I thought I had set it to 0.)

Is there anything to do at the ends of the upstairs hall that overlook the entrance hall?

No, there isn't. While we were making the game the upstairs hall got redesigned to wrap around instead of being one straight hall. This was for artistic reasons and it made a better floorplan. We never ended up adding anything to do at those locations.

What was wrong with Anne Mahler?

The actual condition or illness is never specified in the game. It is only implied that it's something that affects mental function and is degenerative.

Can I get into the Dining Room?

No. This is something we wanted to do, but the amount of effort required to pull it off was too much. The room itself actually exists in the 3d house data. But to create all the characters models and animations plus interactions to bring them to life would have taken too long.

Is there anything else that was partially finished?

There was a scene of Emma travelling in a train car that was partially done, original plans were to put it in the ending montage but I didn't think it was required. There were of course quite a few things in the idea stage that we left out to get the game done.

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