Xantrolex Classic is a space shooter featuring a customizable player, multiple enemies, weapons upgrades, and stellar 3D graphics. See if you can crack the top ten list or earn all of the medals.
Play Xantrolex Classic
Play Xantrolex Classic

Game FAQ

Hey, I set off a bomb and still died!
The bombs are just another tactical weapon, not an instant save. They don't destroy shots, and take time to expand.

Isn't Xantrolex a prescription drug?
No. The Xantrolex is actually one of the finest space fighting vessels ever built.

I just killed something and it didn't count.
The gliding ships come in pairs, and you must kill both in the pair to get a kill. Also the asteroids don't count as kills (nope, no lifeforms on 'em.)

When exactly do you get power-ups?
You receive an extra bomb at 40 kills. Your shots are auto-upgraded at 10, 20, 30, and 40 kills. The extra shield power-up comes out at specific times, and there are 4 total.

How do combos work?
Each time a shot hits something, that's worth 1 combo point. Any kill is a 0 to 9 point bonus depending on the type of enemy. If you don't hit anything for 3/4ths of a second, or your ship gets hit, you lose your combo and have to start over.

Did the highscore list just change/get reset?
We keep track of daily/weekly/monthly/all-time scores. It's more likely you're looking at a different time period. If this isn't the case, then yes it did.

Do you have all the medals?
Yes I do.


Control your aim direction by moving the crosshair with the mouse. Use the cursor keys or wasd to move your ship around the screen. You have a limited number of bombs to destroy enemies surrounding your ship. Be on the lookout for spinning shield powerups.

Move Ship: w(up) s(down) d(right) a(left)   
Aim: mouse   
Shoot: left mouse button   
Bomb: spacebar
Pause: escape


Place Name Kills Accuracy
1) Crowflight 161 53%
2) Crowflight 154 49%
3) Crowflight 151 52%
4) Crowflight 147 49%
5) Z 144 50%
6) Z 144 49%
7) Crowflight 144 47%
8) Crowflight 142 51%
9) Crowflight 141 52%
10) Z 140 49%
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