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Dark Visions Traffic Update + Postgame Questions

Nearing 50,000 downloads this week
Jon Kreuzer - 11/15/2010

Traffic to Dark Visions over a week has resulted in about 44,000 complete downloads of the Flash game. That's almost 500 Gigabytes of bandwidth used. Visits to the website are at about 55,000. It's a large game so I think many of the extra visits are people who have it cached coming back to finish it.

Speaking of finishing the game, if you have beaten the game and want to see what you may have missed, or only thought you might have missed, I've added an "after beating the game questions" page. I also added a link from our Dark Visions Walkthrough, since most people don't make it to the blog section, that seems like the logical place to put it.

Traffic however has dropped off significantly and is now under 4,000 visitors a day, after the early spike to 19,000 in one day. This is still a healthy amount, we'll see how much it tapers off by the end of the month. After that we might try to think of ways to reach more people that might want to play the game.

To everyone who has written fan mail: Thank You, it's great to hear from people who love the game. (Emails to Tenthplay are automatically forwarded to the 3 members so this is from all of us here.)

Also to everyone who has played the game, thank you for making Dark Visions a success. It was a lot of work to make, so we're happy to see so many people enjoying it.

Next weeks blog entry : "What's next for Tenthplay"
If you can't wait, here's the spoiler answer : "We haven't decided yet"