Game Solution

1. Clock Puzzle
  • There is a door to the servant's stairs and the servant's room at the east end of the upper hall.
  • In the servant's room, you can look at the clock face and move the hands and moon dial. You don't yet have the information needed to solve it.
  • Get the dusty record from the dresser in the servant's room.
  • Go downstairs and from the entry hall enter the parlor.
  • Remove the music record playing, and play the dusty record.
  • Record the times for each city and the date from the record.
  • Go to the library, which is at the other end of the upstairs hall.
  • In the middle of the top left shelf of the book shelf is a book that stands alone. When you read the book you will find it describes the clock in the servant's room. The clock hides a secret compartment.
  • Use the date from the record to find the correct moon dial phase and which color moon in the book.
  • Go Back to the clock face. Look at the name plate of the clock to find which time to use. (It is a city name.)
  • Enter the correct time and moon-dial position, then click exit and the clock will open.
  • Behind the clock you will find a floorplan and a page from a servant's journal.