Game Solution

3. Master Bedroom and Kitchen
  • The door to to the master bedroom that James previously occupied is now partially open.
  • You can enter the master bedroom and look at the desk.
  • There is a journal on the desk. It's Dr. Frank Mahler's Journal.
  • Read the journal to learn more about whats going on.
  • Look through the desk drawers.
  • In the middle drawer on the left you will get a small key.
  • There is more to do in the master bedroom, which will be covered in later sections of the walkthrough.
  • Go to the kitchen where you will find the aftermath of the struggle.
  • Walk towards the stove, on the ground near the stove you will find a fallen key ring.
  • Now that you have the key ring, exit the kitchen and pick up the fuse above the stairs if you haven't already.