Game Solution

5. The Safe
  • In the library on the table is an open book with information on a certain type of safe.
  • If you've completed the patient wing section when you return to the upper hall you will hear shuffling pages. If you don't hear anything you can also skip to finding the attic and come back to this part.
  • Someone is in the library. This is another good time to hide.
  • Hide in the wardrobe. James will walk out and open a picture, then fool with a safe dial, then walk off.
  • You can now open the picture and try to enter a combination on the safe.
  • Looking at the floorplan you can see the entrance to the attic is in the master bedroom. In fact it looks like it lines up with the fireplace.
  • Get the bucket from the servant's room if you haven't already.
  • Go to the master bathroom and fill the bucket with water.
  • Use the bucket on the fire in the fireplace and you will reveal a ladder.
  • Explore the attic. Of special interest is the table with a candle and pictures next to the mixing table.
  • Look in the drawer and you will find Frank Mahler's secret journal where he mentions some of his more extreme experiments.
  • Look at the photo on top of the table. It's of Anne Mahler and it has her birthdate written on it.
  • The mixing table is covered in the Mixing the Serum section.
  • Go back to the safe and use Anne Mahler's birthdate as the combination to open it. You may also want to refer to the safe book in the libary again.
  • Once the safe is open, get the note and you can also optionally grab a gold coin as a memento.