Game Solution

8. Gathering Evidence
  • Note: You probably have already done much of this.
  • In the master bedroom desk there is a small key in the middle drawer on the left. (If you haven't gotten it already.)
  • Use the small key in the reception room on the files behind the desk
  • The drawer will open and inside you will find the patient files, read the patient files to the end.
  • (Optional) When the music is no playing, listen multiple times at the door to the dining room either from the main hall or kitchen.
  • (Optional) Look at the parlor piano and flip the pages of the song book.
  • Go to the upper hall near the servant's stairs where you'll find a jammed closet door.
  • Use the crowbar to open the closet door.
  • Inside you will find your dead uncle. Search the body and face to discover a bullet wound.
  • Now you need to find James.