Game Solution

7. The Basement
  • Head back to the padded room that contained Clubber and had the lightray.
  • The padded room is now empty and part of the wall is open.
  • When you try to enter the secret passage Clubber will appear and block it. You will have to find a way to get past him.
  • Inject Clubber with Dr. Mahler's serum and he will step aside.
  • You can now walk down into the basement, where you will find yourself in a cell hall.
  • Once you enter the open cell you will hear the secret door at the stairs close.
  • Inside the expirementation cell on the table there is a letter you can read.
  • In the cell look at the device hooked up to the electric wires. You need to solve this puzzle and activate the device.
  • Pull the switch on the machine itself (not the one beside it) to power it on. The Lights will turn on.
  • Slide the blocks until the up arrow is lit up. Then pull the big switch beside the machine.
  • The actual wire configuration starting at the lower left is : horizontal wire, a corner wire turning up, then two up wires.
  • Go back to the cell hall and see the now open cell door, go through this door.
  • Hanging on one of the crates you will find a crowbar.
  • Go back up the stairs, and use the crowbar on the closed door.