Game Solution

9. Endgame
  • When you've completed the gathering evidence section, go to the attic.
  • There you will find James frustrated from his failed search for the serum formula. Emma will confront him with the evidence, and he will react poorly and chase her into the library.
  • You need to do something to stop him from getting in so quickly.
  • Use the crowbar on the coat rack or door to barricade the door.
  • Now head deeper into the library where Clubber will appear.
  • He will corner Emma, then you can inject him again with the serum.
  • Once injected he will wait by the door and ambush James when he comes in.
  • Search James' body to find a new key.
  • This is the door key, you can use it to open the padlock on the front door, escape the house, and trigger the ending credits.