Game Solution

2. A Dangerous Patient
  • Go down the stairs next to the servant's room to enter the kitchen.
  • You will find a chef chopping vegetables. Talk to the chef.
  • Once you go down the main stairs to the entryway, Emma will notice the locked entrance doors.
  • Head back upstairs to talk to James about the locked doors, and he will mention patients.
  • Go to the stairs next to the servant's room. You will hear the clank of pots.
  • When you go to the kitchen, you will have a scary encounter with a large man with a mallet, and run away.
  • Go back to James and tell him about this escaped patient.
  • James then escorts Emma to the guest room and heads off to deal with the patient.
  • If you try to exit the room you will find that you're locked in.
  • Head over near the closet and you will hear noises. The noises are coming from the vent, listen to the vent to hear a conversation.
  • Maybe no one is coming to let you out, you will need to find your own way out.
  • Grab the heavy statue from the top of the dresser.
  • Bash the door knob with the statue, then push open the door.