Game Solution

6. Mixing the Serum
  • Go to the attic and look at the mixing table.
  • There are some emtpy syringes, you should grab one.
  • You should have the serum formula note in your invetory to refer to. If you haven't already you need to open the safe.
  • Look around on the table and find all the ingredients. The label has fallen off of one.
  • You will also find an empty box on the table that used to contain sugar.
  • Go to the kitchen. On any of the shelves you will find sugar you can get.
  • Go back the the attic and pour the sugar in the water.
  • Notice the rat cage. Read the note by the rat cage to learn how to test the serum on the rat.
  • Click action on the mixing bowl, table spoon, or dropper to start mixing.
  • Follow the directions on the serum note using the spoon and dropper to get ingredients from the table and add them to the mixing bowl.
  • Fill the syringe from the bowl.
  • Test the serum syringe on the rat.
  • If mixed right the rat should walk to the front of the cage and sit calmly. If not the rat will twitch. If you don't get it right empty the syringe and mixing bowl in the trash and try again.