Game Solution

4. Patient Wing
  • Go the the reception room (next to the parlor.) When you try to enter the reception room you will hear approaching footsteps. You need to avoid whoever it is.
  • Hide in the nearby wardrobe, and you will see James walk past. You can now enter the reception room.
  • In the reception room, use the key ring to open the locked door.
  • If you try to enter the patient halls you will find it's nearly pitch black. You will need to restore power first.
  • There is a fuse box in the reception room behind the desk.
  • Place a fuse in the upper-right corner then re-enter the patient halls.
  • Explore the patient halls. At the end of the hall you will hear shuffling footsteps. Look through the view slot and see Clubber safely closed up in a padded room.
  • You will also find a room with tic-tac-toe marks on the walls.
  • There is a locked door in the guestroom you may not have opened yet.
  • Use the key ring on the guestroom closet to open it. Inside you will find a fuse.
  • Head downstairs through the entryhall and into the patient rooms.
  • Inside the open padded room you will find a wall with tic-tac-toe marks on it and a paper.
  • Read the paper, it has multiple steps that must be followed in order.
  • To "see the light" you will need to place a fuse.
  • Place a fuse in the lower right. Head towards the end of the patient hall and you will see light shining through the viewing slot on the door.
  • Go to the tic-tac-toe room and you can now press on the wall. You will need to decipher the solution from the second page of the note.
  • On the note it says "O's win" and points towards a certain game. Depress the pads on the wall that correspond to where the O's are on the winning game on paper.
  • Now a secret door has opened, it will be covered in a later section.